Monday: 0

I'm probably fine, just being extra cautious about my left hamstring/leg at this point. Took the opportunity to start back up on reading my first David Foster Wallace book, The Pale King. The beginning definitely dragged a lot for me, and so it has been difficult to pick this one back up.

Tuesday: 0

I could've ran today, just went on a small walk instead to feel out. Everything feels ok.

Wednesday: 6 miles (:50) 554'

Finally out and running. Nice to have the blood flow going through and pumping. The route was my easy, typical one from the house.

Thursday: 6 miles (:52) 557'

Same route, same basic feel. Legs feel super fresh now. I decided to go to a one night showing of "Rogue Elements", a new ski movie from Teton Gravity Research. Of course the visuals and cinematography were phenomenal, but the real killer was the soundtrack. I'll be looping that soundtrack for weeks.

Friday: 6 miles (:49) 521'

This log is getting a bit boring. It has now been 3 days in a row of the same exact route. Other than running, I've been spending a lot of time every day learning a new computer program.

Saturday: 16.2 miles (4:15) 4615'

Woke up today and planned on going through the 5 summits in Boulder: South Boulder Peak, Bear Peak, Green Mountain, Flagstaff Mountain, and Mount Sanitas. I started my run from the south side and got the steepest climb out of the way first. I didn't quite realize how steep it was going to be. The trail up Shadow Canyon averages out to around 33% until the switch off to the summit of South Boulder. I was thoroughly exhausted by the end. I went left and had to avoid fallen trees from the wind the night before and scrambled up a small talus field before hitting the top and admiring the snowcapped mountains in the distance before heading toward Bear.

While coming down from South Boulder, I took a wrong step and rolled my ankle to a point where I heard a pop and immediately felt pain. I went down and let myself sit with the ankle for a while, deciding whether or not to go on. After a minute or two, the pain seemed as though it subsided. I continued down South Boulder and up to the top of Bear Peak. As the view was roughly the same, I spent much less time on the top of Bear. 

The west ridge coming down from Bear is relatively technical and forced me to go slow as to not aggravate my ankle even more. After half a mile or so the trail smoothed out and allowed for a solid mile or two of easily runnable climbing toward Green. I still felt decent, but I could tell the muscles in my thighs were screaming at me to stop.

As I meandered up to the top of Green I ran into Dave Mackey, a sight I am becoming relatively accustomed to in these mountains. We talked for half a minute or so before I started back down, figuring out whether or not I wanted to go to Flagstaff Mountain or not.

My decision was made for me. As I ran down the mountain I could feel the weakness in my legs contributing to poor foot placement. With my already slightly injured ankle, I decided to come on down and take the easy route back home.

Sunday: 15.2 miles (2:22) 1151'

Woke up and could feel my ankle just a bit, but not enough to stop me from running for the day. I drove out to Marshall Mesa and took the relatively flat long loop. My legs felt shockingly strong, although I could tell they were tired when climbed the few climbs that were available.

Video/Music of the Week: