Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 8.3 miles (1:24) 1528'

The day after a freak snow. I walk outside around at noon to hear the sound of rapidly melting snow coming off tree branches in clumps and melting into large pools of water beneath. The temperature is approaching 60, but the breeze coming off of the still remaining snow reduces this temperature to somewhere around 50. I start running with my long sleeve merino wool top on. This is dumb. I know from experience that I will take this off within minutes. I run uphill on the sidewalk for the first mile until the trail. Instead of taking my normal route around the flatter regions, I decide to continue uphill to connect a loop around the foothills.

There is snow falling all around me as I encounter more and more slush on the way up. The temperature drops, but I have taken off my merino wool top and am now running shirtless and only vaguely aware of the temperature change. I continue uphill and come to an abrupt cliff wall. Without realizing it I had missed my turn along the foothills and had inadvertently climbed toward Bear Peak. Wanting to see the peak but knowing that my legs would prefer a bit flatter terrain, I turned back from the alluring mountain and quickly found the turnoff I had missed.

It is no wonder that I missed the turnoff. No tracks. I was the first one to break trail today. My legs mushed through slush and straight puddles as I avoided the bombardment of snow crashing down from above me. The trail began to angle downwards instead of up and I watched my footing as there was still some threatening ice in the more shaded areas of the trail. Smiling, I hit the downhill switchbacks and rejoined my common path. The way had turned more to mud and less to anything resembling snow at this point. In the distance, I could see the dusting of snow that is normally visible after a cold dewy morning on a dry December, but nothing of the inches that fell the day before. 

I rapidly ascended a bit through one of the many open grazing areas and back onto pavement for my final descent toward home. A good recovery run. 

Wednesday: 6 miles (:50) 554'

These are my boring runs. The routine ones that aid your body, but don't feed you spiritually or emotionally in any way. These runs are like doing the dishes: a thing you do begrudgingly because you enjoy the feeling of having done it. Normally, these runs do offer a bit of satisfaction during the run. But they are too short to have ample time to appreciate your surroundings. At least for me. It takes a while to settle into your breath and the run and forget time. 

On the other hand, these runs prepare me physically for the longer trips. I can't say that I am always at odds with these short bursts of energy, but I can't say I am in love with them either.

Strangely, I am feeling the problem in my left leg again. Retrospectively, I can tell that it is an IT Band problem. The unfortunate part of this is that I have never had IT issues. Hoping for the best.

Thursday: 8 miles (1:08) 551'

A bit longer run around mostly the same terrain as yesterday. I can feel the IT problem but don't even want to bring it up with my coach. The problem seems like such a little thing to complain about, and there are times where I feel that I am always "injured". Which is to say, not 100% healthy. I am still attempting to find that balance on when being injured is a call for rest and when it is a call for battle; to push through the pain.

Friday: 6.1 miles (:51) 515'

Same route. Most exciting thing about the run today is that I ran with clean shorts(!) for the first time in a few days. 

Other than that, kind of struggling in my first weeks of getting my new "business" off the ground. I hesitate to say business, as I am---for all intents and purposes---working as an online retailer through an already existing website. It doesn't feel like a real business. But the money is real. The possible losses and profits are real. I suppose that makes it as bonafide as it can be.

Saturday: 0

Struggling with the IT band. No clue what to do.

Instead of running, I spent my day working and I did manage to get through more of The Pale King, which I cannot necessarily say I enjoy, but is assuredly an evocative read. Much more than being about the plot, the book swims in the realm of the plot being a throwaway piece to a book that is a thinly veiled introspection into human emotions and motivations. In other words, not something I would recommend to everyone, but highly intriguing and oddly gripping.

Sunday: 1.5 miles (:14) 173'

YOWCH. Hardly worth recognizing that I ran today. The plan was to run much more than this, but when I am struggling with my IT problems and out of nowhere end up feeling the band even while doing beginning stretches, I know something isn't quite right. Would love to get this solved. The "injury" is zapping my enthusiasm as I sit on the couch instead of putting in the work.


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