Some People Aren't Job People

I would like to make a humble proposition: some people aren’t made for normal jobs. This isn’t a groundbreaking idea. We have all seen an internet spam comment that says, “I quit my 9-5 job and now make $12,000 a month working from home.” But I am talking about something deeper than someone not liking a certain job in a certain office. I am talking about the people who believe that each second they spend working in an office is a second taken away from living their own life on their own terms.

I am talking about the people who dream of buying a big, old, clunky van and driving it down the highway to the mountains while living off of cans of beans and free crackers. The people who see the rain outside their office window and want to go outside and jump in the puddles and get mud on their legs instead of hiding under an umbrella and briskly walking to their car. I’ll call these people the jobless dreamers; these people are my people, and I want to defend our dirtbag tendencies.

Although we may actively search of ways out of our jobs, it has nothing to do with laziness. Lazy people don’t wake up hours before sunrise to climb a mountain. Lazy people don’t invent 50 uses for a single screwdriver. No, it isn’t laziness that keeps us away from jobs. It is the feeling we get when we have them. After the excitement of making easy money fades away, so too do the hours of the day. We watch the clock tick by as the sun reaches its apex and falls into the ground, only to be stuck inside of a too brightly lit building. We jump into action as soon as we clock out, and we practically run to our cars. Our uniforms are stripped off and quickly replaced by gear as we race the sun to our favorite running, climbing, or whatevering spot. And then, the moment our feet touch the ground, the bliss overwhelms us. We feel what we have been missing out on, and we revel in the feeling for as long as we can.

Finally, despite our best efforts to stay out, we begrudgingly enter our cars and drive home. We repeat the whole process the next day. After a while, this process rends our soul into a thousand pieces. We have two choices: we can quit or we can become boring and driven by everything external and everything we couldn’t stand.

We, as a whole, are not looking for a way out of responsibilities. We are looking for the best way to live our lives. And unfortunately for some of us, working a normal job is the worst way for us to live. If you’re a dirtbaggy type of person who dreams of living in the opposite of a mansion and romantically dreams about dirt tracks and uncomfortable sleeping positions, remember that you aren’t alone. You don’t have to listen to that advice from that person who you never aspire to be. And keep doing what you’re doing the best you can.