Keep On Moving

Sitting there. Staring at your screen and watching another Netflix episode even though there are many more important things on our to-do lists that are piling up every second. Anxiety abates as we click on that next video, but it doesn't disappear. Instead it gnaws at us. The anxious feeling can gnaw at the very soul if you let it. Beating down the spirit and allowing a motivation to slowly drift away.

I feel it. I've felt it. The constant checking of email while waiting on that fateful message about the future. The nonchalant glance at the phone while with friends and the head rush that comes with a text message; and the accompanying deflation when the text is from someone other than who you wanted it to be from. Those moments when the only thing that it seems possible to do is wait and the control of a decision lies utterly beyond control.

That feeling can, and does, beat us down without mercy. A smarter person would cite studies to show how the loss of control can consume an otherwise successful life and turn that life to madness. But anxiety doesn't have to strike, control doesn't have to completely leave even when everything is chaotic and in the air. There is a simple solution:

Keep on moving

Do everything. Do anything you can. Keep getting better. Focus on your process, whatever your process may be. Because in the end the result isn't what is important, the result isn't what shapes and changes and develops a person. The process is. And people don't become who they are without a process, even people who feel helplessly out of control of the direction of their life have a process: one of constantly giving up the control of the direction of their life. So while anxiously checking that email to see if you're good enough to be considered for a life altering opportunity always keep in mind that if you get that opportunity...GREAT! And if you don't... rely on working toward the next one, because this world has no shortage of opportunities for those who commit themselves to the process.