Comfortable Life

There is a trend that seems to run through internet articles like this one: leaving a comfortable life in search of adventure. Many of the stories start with the same relatively affluent, good-looking, and fair natured boys and girls from wealthy countries. The adventure seeker leaves their life of plenty to travel the deep wells of India, eat raw and wriggling delicacies, and watch fire dances. This practice of leaving a comfortable life is generally a one or two year affair after which many people return to the live they left. 

But what about those people who take no comfort in the comfortable life? I am one of them. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the notion of a comfortable life actively makes my skin creepy and crawly and altogether freaks me out. Normal jobs zap my soul and eat away at my time as I watch the clock and see seconds ticking away. I think about what else I could be doing with my time and dream about being in the mountains and moving and reading and writing. What I am saying is the comfortable life is uncomfortable for me.

In some respects, I think most of us feel this way. We feel that terrible injustice when we have to work a few minutes longer at work or when our schedule changes at the last moment. We feel a loss of participation in our own life because our time is zapped until we feel that we have no control over it. Everything we want to do seems insurmountable and everything we don't want to do seems thrust upon us at every step. The loss of control sucks. It takes the few years (even if you live to 122, it really isn't so long) that we have on this earth and squanders it.

I don't want to seem depressive, I'm actually pretty psyched on life. I see that I don't have that long, and that is part of why I feel so uncomfortable during those moments when I am waking up to go do something that I don't want to for more than a few days in a row. I see how easy it is to get sucked up into looking for a quick respite from the world, disappearing a la "stereotypical millenials" or Into the Wild types instead of confronting it all head and saying, 

"Screw running away from it all, I want to live a life of options, not just a year or two."

It is easy to leave a comfortable life for an "uncomfortable one" to travel (which I will say, is not uncomfortable nor a leap of faith for 99% of the people who do this). It is much more difficult to realize that you are living an uncomfortable life, that you aren't necessarily looking for a comfortable one, but you are looking for one that fills you up to the brim and makes your smile gush out of your face every morning when you wake up, and that changes for everyone.