I'm attempting to make sense of why I keep this website and sporadic public journal. Part of it is conceit: I have to be slightly arrogant to think that anyone would spend their time putting value in anything I decide to write on a website named after myself. The other part is a simple sort of experiment dealing with the personal satisfaction of creating something for the sake of creation. I have found an inexplicable fascination with this website and positioning photos and layouts that please my own eye. I haven't quite perfected it to the point where I would like it to be, but I will when I am in the mood once more.

Practically, I have noticed that the journal portion of this website tends to be a sort of dumping ground for things that are on my mind. I have no problem with that, but these thoughts have always felt a little forced and underdeveloped as stand-alone queries. Because of that, I am going to dedicate the journal section of this website to outdoor pursuits and the relevant ideas that decide to tag along. This will be a sort of extended training log. I do keep all my information on Strava and separate documents, but I want a place to be able to compile the data and add some context. If anyone has been involved with the sport for a while, they may notice some comparisons between my goal for this journal and Anton's fantastic blog. I do take inspiration from his writings, but only insofar as his work allowed me to feel less strange about posting things that are likely boring for 90% of people reading them.

The other impetus causing me to reorganize and shift focus of this journal is my upcoming move.  In approximately two weeks I will be moving to Boulder, CO to focus primarily on training and running. I know that moving to Boulder has become a little banal, but the area is a prime spot to be able to meet and train with other US endurance athletes. I told myself after the Atacama that I would dedicate at least a few years of my life with running as my number 1 priority, and so far I have only pawed at the surface of ability instead of diving into it.

If you enjoy reading the posts I will have coming about my training and reflections within the training, perfect. There is a comment section on each individual posting. Otherwise, take care.