Monday: 4 miles (31 minutes)

Excited to be feeling so good today. Pretty hesitant about going out and was mentally setting myself up for disappointment, but it all came through. Pretty overcast and muggy, but it doesn't matter much when I'm only out for 30ish minutes. 

I'm not a 49ers fan, but I am a fan of a man who can still run routes like this at age 54. Sheesh.


Tuesday: Off

This has become my typical off day. Feeling great but no running on the schedule for the day. Instead spent most of my morning reading a few different articles. I found this article discussing Facebook to be a fairly sober look at the rise of surveillance based advertising. If you really have a lot of time to spend doing nothing, you can read this article on Julian Assange. Easily skimmable as it treads along many known lines regarding Assange; although I found the psychology of his person a welcome addition to otherwise redundant material.


Wednesday: 5 miles (40 minutes)

Body has been wanting to get up a little later, so woke up an hour after sunrise and took my time with my coffee and a few slices of banana bread before getting out the door. Clouds were pretty heavy and the humidity was suggestive of rain. Unfortunately, the road route I chose---the coach has me on roads for the week to mitigate the damage that the uneven terrain of trails may cause to my knee---had a bank of trees that almost completely blocked the south wind: this was generally fine, but made the run much more sauna-ish. 

It is the first week around here for a lot of schoolkids, so as I was running around the neighborhoods I saw parents taking photos of bashful children and buses touring the blocks. A mixture of nostalgia and happiness that I will be graduating in this next week hit me a bit, but overall I was much more concerned that my knee functioned appropriately.


Thursday: 6 miles (47 minutes)

Woke up late again, but was able to get out of the door for my run before 9. Not a cloud in the sky and the sun was beginning to warm up the pavement as it prepared for another hot summer day. Pretty in the zone today and wasn't paying attention to much other than my breath. A good thing, but I probably went just a little bit over easy pace. It is shocking to see the difference in speed between trails and roads. This is the first time in probably 2 months that I have ran roads for a few days in a row and I'm still getting used to the comparative speed. I would be interested to see a fast pace for me on the pavement, but I'm not sure I want to subject my thighs to that kind of pounding over any sort of distance that matters. T-minus one week until I officially head off to Boulder.


Friday: 8 miles (1:02)

Started off my morning with two slices of bagel and some almond cream cheese, which is my usual. Played around with some podcasts and finally got out the day just as the sun came out from behind the clouds. Temperature wise today was the hottest morning of the week, but the humidity has vanished and so we were blessed with a much "drier heat." Did my typical neighborhood run today. While I enjoy the quicker cadence of the roads, I do want to get back to the trails. All in good time.


Saturday: 0 miles.

Beginning to think about packing, seeing some friends, and generally preparing for life in Boulder.


Sunday: 3.3 miles (26 minutes)

Relatively slow pace but strangely exhausted. I've been expending a ton of mental energy the last few days. Getting out of the door around midday didn't help either.



Matt Corby has been one of my favorite artists for the past 7 years. After years of releasing EPs and singles, he finally released his first full album. This was the first song I heard off of the album.