Monday: 11 miles (1:32)

One of my last runs around the neighborhood. Feeling a little nostalgic for most of it. A good, easy run on roads before I say goodbye to these and hello to trails.

Tuesday: 8 miles (1:03)

A pretty hot one today for the very last run. Fast and easy.

Wednesday: 0

Thursday: 0

Friday: 0

Saturday: 10.3 miles (2:07)

First run in Boulder and spending the time exploring, feeling the altitude, and hiking a lot more than usual. Almost 2,000 feet of ascent on a trail I thought was relatively flat. Quite shocked by the change in landscape.

Sunday: 7.9 miles (2:27)

Woke up and decided to tag Bear Peak for the morning. Around 2,700 feet of gain for the day and a decent amount of scrambling for views and appealing vistas. Sun was bright and loud. Happy to be done before 10.


Music/Video of the Week:

If you listen to This American Life, you also heard this gem of a song. Definitely weird. Definitely worth it.