Monday: 12.25 (2:07) 1440'

Woke up a little later today. I'm feeling a little bit tired from the altitude change, but overall my body has been taking the move pretty well. Had a little oatmeal and a coffee to wake myself up before hitting the trails looking for flatter land. I started off well, finding relatively flat territory just east of Mesa Trail when out of nowhere I found myself going up, up, up again. Followed the Lower Big Bluestem trail skyward for a while until turning around. Had some fun on the downhills before retracing my steps on some of the trails and returning home.

Tuesday: 0

No running, but a mile or two of barefoot walking around the city. I got my library card, enjoyed some bananas, and spent most of the day sitting outside writing.

Wednesday: 11 miles (1:38) 859'

I finally found my flat route. While this means something much different than it does in Kansas, I am actually quite happy with the gradual inclines and declines. I find track-like flat routes monotonous. I had set my alarm for 5:30 in order to start learning to get out before the sun rises, but somehow completely slept through and woke up an hour late. No big deal. I went outside and drank half of my mug of coffee in the relatively cool morning before lacing up the running shoes and breaking into my warm up. One of my favorite things about running early in the morning is the environmental stillness. Only the occasional car passing by as I quicken my pace and find my trail. Once I enter the trail, I forget about any sounds but mice rustling in the wild grass and the early birdsong that the sun brings every summer morning. 


Thursday: 11.3 miles (1:37) 843'

Roughly the same flat route as yesterday. I was able to get out before sun rise which likely influenced a slightly uptick in my pace from the previous day. I can get used to running over golden plains which lead into the mountains as the sun rises. What I am most shocked about here are the lack of runners on the trails. People acted as if the trails were so crowded that running became an exercise in avoidance. I have not found this to be the case. And since the people are working hard climbing or pushing the pace and typically quite respectful, I don't see the issue here.


Friday: 6 miles (:55) 1,010'

A short one today, decided to climb as high as I could in 3 miles and climb down. I wasn't disappointed. One of the great things about living in Boulder is the ease of climbing practice. I don't need hill repeats when I can just climb a mountain and gain 3,000 feet of elevation in 4-5 miles. Of course, this doesn't account for race specificity, but neither did most of my routes in Topeka. This is a better place to train.

Saturday: 0

Woke up sick. The rest of my body was feeling alright. I ended up getting a lot of work done but no running or exploring today unfortunately. Antsy to jump right back into training.

Sunday: 4.7 miles (:42) 472'

I feel much better. Unfortunately my body is feeling lethargic and my heart rate is uncooperative. I am hoping that tomorrow my body will regulate and be back to normal. Fighting through sickness takes a patience which I am not sure I have. This sickness has allowed me the opportunity to finish reading Philip Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I was fascinated by the story, but had a difficult time getting the Harrison Ford Rick Deckard out of my head. This isn't the fault of Dick but rather of the goodness that is Blade Runner.


Music/Video of the Week:

He says, "If you value your job, stay out of crime
If you value the crime, stay out of doors
If you value them doors, you'd better lock 'em son
And if you don't want to lock 'em, you'd better buy a gun."

This man is by far my favorite live performer. I didn't know many of his songs before going to his concert and he blew me away.