I Woke up Sick

I woke up sick today. Exactly one week after moving to Boulder, Colorado I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, and didn't know what to do with myself. I rarely get sick. Typically, I can count on getting sick once every 4 years or so. Today was my very unlucky day. Instead of brooding about my bad luck as I normally do, I decided to take a look at what will be my base diet for the foreseeable future. This diet is based on a mixture of nutrition and price point. Unfortunately for me, price point is an occasional problem.



I tend to wake up before sunrise and run on a relatively empty stomach. Because of this I start my day with one banana and typically around half a cup of joe. I love the coffee, but in the morning I typically just want to start running. I get antsy if I sit around with my coffee and wait.


Directly after the run I'll drop a smoothie of frozen fruits/spinach/spirulina.


Oatmeal with some honey. Nothing crazy. I may add peanut butter if I'm feeling frisky.


Spinach salad with pumpkin seeds, olive oil, and nuts of some sort.


Burrito with brown rice & assorted veggies, pinto beans, potatoes, and salsa. 


Let's break down the prices:

Banana: .59/lb. One pound will last me for around 5 days.

Coffee: $12/lb. One pound lasts me somewhere around 3 weeks.

Frozen fruit/veggie mix: $8. One bag lasts 1 week.

Spirulina: $13/lb. 1 pound lasts me a few months.

Oatmeal: $1.40/lb. 1 pound lasts 2 weeks.

Honey: $5/lb. 1 lb lasts 3 weeks.

Spinach: $3/box. Box lasts 1 week.

Olive Oil: $8/ 24 fluid oz. Lasts 3 weeks.

Cashews: $9/24 oz. Lasts 2 weeks.

Brown Rice: $.79/lb. Lasts 5 days.

Potatoes: $3.59/10 lb. Lasts 2 weeks.

Salsa: $3.50/jar. 2 weeks.

Beans: $1.15/lb. 1 week.


The list is not exact of course, but my groceries should average out to around $25/week. This gives me more than enough food to eat but no additional "fun" foods. This is ok for me for now. I will eventually expand the menu, however my budget dictates some tight spending right now, and hopefully with this new diet I will avoid the sickness.