Monday: 10.2 miles (1:31) 846'

A bit of an abnormal day for running today. I woke up---in my now normal fashion---later than I anticipated. Although I love the bite in the air it seems to create a bit more drowsiness than I am used to. Instead of changing into my running clothes and beginning my day with a battle of wills to push through the first mile or so, I decided to go directly to my "working" coffee shop and begin writing. I was able to focus through a solid two hours of work before taking a break and observing my surroundings. Just then, a man walked in the door of the shop and asked for a sandwich with lettuce. Unfortunately for him, this shop doesn't have readily available cut lettuce, just a head of it in the fridge. He was offered arugula and he refused, getting angry. The whole coffee shop seemed to listen in as the poor cashier was bombarded by silly yells of discontent from the arugula-disdaining customer. When he turned to leave, the shop breathed a collective breath, only to be thwarted by his abrupt about-face to belittle the cashier anymore. After all this happened, although funny, I felt it was appropriate to go and continue the rest of my day.

In a rare state of content in the afternoon, not feeling stressed about getting anything done, I finally pulled on my running clothes and jaunted out around 2:00. I began running on my typical route through Shanahan and Greenbrier, but decided to check out some of the surface roads. I ended up running around Fairview High School and up a substantial hill before coming back home. Probably the best afternoon run I have experienced in a while.

Tuesday: 0

Wednesday: 8.5 miles (1:12) 387'

A flat one exploring some of the concrete and asphalt of Boulder. An enjoyable little run. My left hamstring is acting strangely. It is shooting weakness. Very strange.

Thursday: 7 miles (1:04) 1,236'

This was a good day. Had to do descending hills. 4 minute, 3, 2, 1. I really wasn't looking forward to this and my left hamstring was acting up again before the climb. I stopped for a few minutes and began pounding into the hills. My hamstring issues went away and I completed the climb with ease. Came back home on a nice 7:30ish pace.

Friday: 6 miles (:51) 518'

An easy run before a longer weekend. Hamstring still weird.



Two zero days in a row with some important mileage I wanted to delve into. Unfortunately my hamstring got worse. I could have ran through it, but I decided against it. I would prefer to have a healthy hamstring going into this last stretch.


Music/Video of the Week:

A new update on SpaceX. Some exciting new developments going on.