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4 Deserts...1 Year...1,000 Kilometers


namib desert, namibia

My first race of the season. I finished all the way back in 103rd at 45:37:57. I didn't actually write a race report on this one as I was traveling and quite frankly didn't feel like it. I don't know if I will. I do know that the period of 2 days in which my only food was some chicken broth was excruciating and that I was not well trained.



Gobi desert, china

My second race of the season. I finished 46th  in 47:48:42(it was a smaller field than Namibia). I was doing quite well until day 5 when everything blew up 17 kilometers from the finish. View my Gobi March race report here



atacama desert, chile

My third race of the season. I finished 19th in 37:13:35. I was fairly proud of that time and place when it happened. View my Atacama Crossing race report here



Antarctic desert, antarctica

My final race of the season. A weird one to rank, but I finished 22nd with 201.7 kilometers. I actually had somewhere around 205 but our ghetto hole punching system and my forgetfulness pushed me a little bit backwards. I wrote this one in sections to make sure I pushed it out and it didn't languish in perpetuity like my Namibia report. Check it out here and click "newer post" at the bottom for each successive day.